Illustration Friday - Signs

I'm afraid I won't manage to finish it in time.
I have something almost finished but it's quite awful.
In the meantime my husband came up with a better idea but I don't know if I can illustrate it - we'll see.

(Anyway, I'm writing this as a kind of note to self)

Update: So, I've decide to post it anyway (thanks to Laurel's encouraging note), but I left out the colours - it's a bit less awful that way.


  1. Tusen, every time you say something is awful, it's quite opposite!! C'mon now, show us. Pretty pleeeeease??

  2. This is so totally charming!

  3. See what I mean? What's not to love? The poses of the cats are perfect, and look at them all at attention wanting to learn. It's like Flash Cards for kitties! Excellent job..thanks for taking my advice :)

  4. I agree, this is a very charming illustration. I like how the kitties are attracted to the fish card, their body language tell it all. You always come up with very creative ideas for the themes!

  5. This is great. Love the kitties.

  6. The girls are quite charming in a French-children's-book kind of way.


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