Illustration Friday - Vacant

Although there was a still a vacant seat on the train, when Joey appeared on the platform he realised that he was late and the train was already leaving. This was doubly distressing for him, as not only was he to take the train, but to repair its front light as well.

(I'm sorry, I've just gotten over something like "illustrator's block" and I badly wanted to catch up)


  1. OH I Love your work!!!! great characters!!!!!

  2. Oh wow! I love your blog. I also have drawers full of drawings of little mice doing the oddest things! Maybe I will post them some time :D
    Perhaps we both have such a fascination with mice because we are virgos? lol

    Too bad the rest of the world doesn't like mice; they are so cute! hello! :D

    Awesome work!

  3. I love mice....and your's are just perfectly perfect! Lovely illo.

  4. WOW it's fantastic!!!
    When I was a child I loved to play to the train in this way


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