Illustration Friday - Superstition

This time both my husband and I had a similar idea :)
Can you recognize any superstitions?
I know it may not be that easy in the small picture, so here are some hints concerning the smaller items:
- comb
- mirror
- clover
- spoon
Oh, and the "worms" on the tablecloth are actually horseshoes :)


  1. You forgot to mention the black cat!! Very good use of the word this week. And I didn't think those were worms :)

  2. Wait....I see more! Tomorrow will be Friday the 13th, and someone spilled the salt. Good one Tusen!
    (I can't quite tell what's on the floor.)

  3. Muy lindas ilustraciones !!..Sobre todo la combinacion de colores...y esos personajes tan graciosos !!..Un beso desde Buenos Aires !!

  4. Ha ha!! What's the comb superstition, don't know that one.

  5. @Laurel - thank you :)
    The things on the floor are a bit tricky, so here you are: a yellow comb, a broken mirror and a spoon, and the white things are salty pawprints.
    @Merce - Muchas gracias!
    @Heartful blogger - :) I actually start thinking it's only my family's superstition: if you drop a comb it means a rarely seen visitor will come (apparently it refers to the way the "teeth" on the comb are spaced, if you know what I mean)

  6. hey what about the stair? I remember that one cannot pass under the stair it'll bring bad luck..*if I'm not mistaken :D

  7. It's perfect! I hope you win this week's best illustration!

  8. Hej hej :o)) Jak zwykle świetna ilustracja :o)) podoba mi się ten czarny kotek lekko podłamany przy drabinie :o) pozdrawiam serdecznie :o))

  9. Someone will be feeling unlucky when they have to clean up the mess this kitty has made. Hehehe...

  10. I have two cats, and they usually do thigs like these...
    Very funny!


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